Alfie Fetchatini

Alfie is our hero. Sometimes he works at his father’s restaurant, Papa Fetchatini’s. The rest of the time he can be found hanging out with his stuffed bear, Mr. Bubbles.




mr-bubbles-picMr. Bubbles

Alfie has owned Mr. Bubbles since birth (he was a present from an unknown party). Mr. Bubbles is a stuffed bear.




fiel-picFiel Fetchatini

Alfie’s little brother. He also works at Papa Fetchatini’s.

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Papa Fetchatini

Alfie and Fiel’s Dad. He owns Papa Fetchatini’s, a popular Italian bistro.

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Rollie Wobblers

Alfie’s neighbor. Owner of Apples the cat. Big in the 70’s.

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Alfie’s neighbor, ¬†mother of Mia, her husband, Jake is an Airline pilot.

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A girl who is very energetic and has a stuffed unicorn bunny creature.

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Father of Mia, husband of Vanessa, Jake is a former Air Force Colonel, now a commercial airline pilot.

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