Alfie and Mr. Bubbles is an all-ages webcomic about a man named Alfie; his best friend, a stuffed bear named Mr. Bubbles; and the various friends in his life. Alfie was conceived by William Boehmer some time in early 2011 as a Mii character on the Wii. There he remained as William’s main player until some unknown date in 2014, when he wrote and drew the first two ever Alfie strips: the first two in the archive. These also marked the spontaneous creation and first appearances of everyone’s favorite stuffed bear, Mr. Bubbles.

Some years went by until in 2016, at the prompting of his then-9-year-old son, Josh, William revived the old Alfie strip, and he and Josh started brainstorming new strip ideas with the intent of creating a new Alfie comic strip as a webcomic. The rest is history.

In terms of work breakdown, William and Josh brainstorm new ideas and come up with story outlines. Then together they break down each idea into rough strips. From there, William handles the pencils and inks and Josh finishes up with the colors.

Alfie and Mr. Bubbles is suitable for all-ages, and always will be. We strive for having a family friendly all-ages humor webcomic that can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Josh and William love Alfie and his world, and hope you do too.

Original Alfie that inspired the webcomic creation.

Original Alfie Mii